Inspired by the sporting and filmmaking talents behind the most amazing urban sports virals of the last 2 years, the film brings together the “stars” and directors from the four very different sports for the very first time: Urban trials rider Danny MacAskill; the mesmerizing skateboarder Kilian Martin (and his LA filmmaker Brett Novak); Storm Freerun’s Paul ‘Blue’ Joseph along with British Parkouriste Phil Doyle and Canada’ Mathieu Ledoux (with director Claudiu Voicu); and finally, worldwide BMX flatland star Keelan Philips ( with film maker Matty Lambert).

The feature-length documentary will explore the lives and skills of all of these spectacular talents from both in-front of and behind the camera. But that’s not all. Concrete Circus will chart the creation of four brand new, breath-taking and beautiful films by the four filmmakers. Together these new films will be premiered as the centerpiece of the documentary.

The documentary conclusion – fuses the four different sports and disciplines together into a unique finale.
Mike Christie, the creator of «Jump London» comes with this amazing documentary later this year.