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Get a private one on one Skate lesson from Professional Skateboarder Kilian Martin.
Kilian offers private or group skateboard lessons, even if you have never tried skateboarding. You will be surprised of how fast you can learn. Kilian Martin’s skateboard school is made for you. Let’s Skate!!


Skateboard Classes

Expand your skateboard skills from the basics to advanced. Special private or group lessons available. Learn how Kilian understands skateboarding and apply it to your level, the lessons are totally catered to you!

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Contact Kilian Martin to reserve your Skateboard Lessons.

Let’s Skate

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    Los Angeles, California

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    The Wedge Skatepark [ 9155 Mission Dr, Rosemead, CA 91770 ]

    Kilian can come to your home or a skatepark near you! It’s hard to believe, but YES, he will teach you anywhere. Kilian is primarily based in San Gabriel, CA. If you would like to have the lesson more than 10 miles away, there will be a fee of $2 per extra mile added to your total. Lets skate!

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    Single Class
    1 hour 30 min


    Class Pack
    6 Classes of 1 hour 15 min

    $499 Offer $420

    My two sons got skate lessons with Kilian and we couldn’t be happier!

    My sons are big fans of Kilian’s skating so It was a really cool experience. Right away they were able to learn many tricks and Kilian even sent us a video of them skating to music. 

    I would totally book with Kilian again!


    We were visiting Scottsdale and were able to get two classes with Kilian at a nearby skatepark. My son had a great time learning with Kilian! He was very patient. Even though It was only two lessons. My son learnt a lot of fun tricks!


    I had honestly never stepped on a skateboard. Kilian taught me every trick step by step and after two lessons I was already doing really cool tricks. It helped that Kilian sent me videos of the tricks I was learning. 

    Thank you Kilian!

    skateboard school Scottsdale Arizona


    The fastest way to improve is to study one-on-one with an experienced  skateboarder who can help you set practical goals and work with you to reach them.
    Goals you say? That sounds boring…like homework.

    Sure there’s work to do, but it’s SKATEBOARDING work, and what’s more fun than that? Besides, without goals and a plan for achieving them, you’ll end up practicing the same things over and over. You might even get bored, frustrated and give up. That would be sad,skateboarding is fun, and the world needs more skateboarding!
    No prior skate experience or training necessary. Lessons are one-on-one awesome! You get 100% of my focus, experience and energy.


    Oh…there’s so much to learn! And the more you learn the more fun it gets. I’ve been skateboarding for almost 17 years and I’m still a student of the art. The learning never ends. That’s one of the great things about art of any type. Embrace it.

    It’s impossible to write everything a skateboard lesson includes; this page would be endless (and who’d wanna read that anyway), but the following is a glimpse of what
    we’ll work on together.

    The Foundation & The Next Steps (Lessons 1-6)

    1. Transportation fundamentals, pushing, foot placement, turning, safety
      and how to fall.
    2. Sharper turns, balance, tick tack and basic footwork tricks.
    3. Turns with tick tack, combining footwork and freestyle/Street basics.
    4. Review of all the basic tricks learned. Style, balance improvement.
    5. How to skate at the Skatepark, rolling down ramps and turns.
    6. How to Ollie on a skateboard and review of all the tricks learned.
    kilian martin powell peralta board


    Life throws curveballs. Sometimes you’ll need to miss a lesson. Emergencies notwithstanding I require 24 hours notice for cancellations or your lesson fee is forfeited. Conversely , if I cancel on you without 24 hours notice, I owe you a free lesson. Fair enough? That said… if you or your child suddenly develops a fever or you get stuck at work, I’m an understanding chap. It’s only when last-minute cancellations become habitual that I enforce the policy. Mutual respect. It’s a thing.


    The safety of our students is our #1 priority.
    All of our students are required to wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards. It has shown that proper safety gear drastically reduces the chance of injury.


    Paypal, Venmo or Cash.

    Venmo: Kilian-MartinNavarro